Pyhäjoki farm is located in Perniö, part of the city of Salo in Southwest Finland.

Farm has been owned by same family since 1704. Nowadays, we have three businesses; agriculture, transport and farm tourism.

We have two rental cottage at the courtyard. Come to live to our farm on your holiday. Pyhäjoki farm offers you peace of nature in a beautiful countryside!



Countryside travel

What can you do on our farm?

See lifestyle of farm.
Swim! There are sauna and pool at the courtyard.
Go fishing! Perniö river is only 400 meters away. There is also rowboat at the river.
Take a walk to the forest and feel the quietness.
Pick up billberries, lingonberries and raspberries. They are growing wild in forest.
Just relax!
If you are interesting in hunting, please contact first Wildexperience.

There are lot of place to see and experience in Salo:

Hiking –Teijo National Park
Canoeing services and wilderness activities –Extreme Fun
Meri-Teijo Golf, Teijo Ski & Action Park
See more www.saloon.fi

Read more about the cottages

Muonamies vuokramökki Pyhäjoen tilalla Perniössä Muonamies (10 persons)

Vuokramökki Vauvila  Vauvila (7 persons)